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1) Théorie de la Bipédie Initiale, Theory of Initial Bipedalism, Die Theorie der URSPRÜNGLICHEN ZWEIFÜSSIGKEIT Théorie de la Bipédie Initiale, Theory of Initial Bipedalism, Die Theorie der URSPRÜNGLICHEN ZWEIFÜSSIGKEIT
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-samedi 28 novembre
Ardipithecus : le singe descend de l’homme !
-vendredi 27 novembre
Le singe descend de l’homme

Verité en-deça des Pyrénées...
(à propos des néanderthaliens reliques hispano-pyrénéens)
par Michel Raynal
The article reviews new evidence for the late survival of Neanderthal Men in the Pyrénées and in Spain : the Iraty hairy Wild Man of 1774 is demonstrated not to be a feral boy ; the "identikit picture" of the serrana ( or wild woman ) described in the Libro de Buon Amor is remarkably consistent with that of the almasty from Caucasus and with the best reconstructions of Neanderthal Men ; a stone structure from El Juyo, about 12 000 years old, has been identified by some as a Neanderthal head, though unconvincingly. That Neanderthal Man survived in Spain less than 35 000 years ago ( official date of its extinction ) is proved by the discovery of a Neanderthal jaw only 28 000 years old, at Boqueta de Zafarraya.

an alternative paradigm for human earliest evolution
par François de Sarre
Man’s emergence, in the ascending series of mammalian forms, has been associated with brain enlargment and an orthograde position of the body. Therefore, several facts in Embryology render untenable the acceptance of the usual model of human evolution, in which our species evolved from quadrupedal apes. An alternative paradigm is considered here based on the hypothesis that man’s immediate predecessors have passed through a former aquatic phase. The globular form of the human skull represents the final evolution of a marine creature’s floating and sustenance organ. Indeed, such a round configuration of our encephalon and brain-pan could only develop naturally in water. Only the human lineage preserved the primordial ( and embryonic ) brain disposition among living mammals.

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